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Optiver Videos

Why start your trading journey at Optiver?

A common misconception is that you'll need to have experience in trading or financial markets to join Optiver's internship or graduate programs.

Meet Taylor, Graduate Software Developer

Discover some of the cool tech projects that you get to work on at Optiver.

Meet Victor, Graduate Software Developer

Victor talks about the mentorship he's received at Optiver, and how it's supported him to grow his career.

Why start your tech career at Optiver?

Gain insights into technology at Optiver, the qualities we look for in our grad and interns, and why you should accelerate your career with us.

Discover a career in trading, research or market risk

Love solving quantitative problems? Discover what it’s like to join our trading, research, and market risk teams.

Meet Milan, Index Options Graduate Trader

What's it like to be a trader at Optiver? From solving unique problems to making fast impact, hear from Milan to discover more.

#WomenatOptiver | Meet Joanne, Graduate Software Developer

Keen to kickstart your career in tech? Discover Joanne's story and the opportunities she's taken to grow her career at Optiver.

#WomenatOptiver | Meet Suganya, tech leader

From graduate to tech leader, Suganya talks about her rise to leadership and the opportunities she's taken to grow her career.

Ready to accelerate your career?

Discover how Optiver supports you to grow in your role from day one.