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Megan Parker

6.00 AM

I. need. coffee. ASAP.

7.00 AM

The caffeine has kicked in and now it’s time to get moving. I’ve got five minutes before my bus comes – looks like I’ll need to sprint this morning!

8.30 AM

I arrive at the client site and it looks like I’m one of the first ones in. This is usually the case as most of the team makes the most of Capgemini and the clients’ flexible working arrangements.

Time to set up my desk for the day and start making my way through emails I’ve received overnight from the US and UK.

Capgemini Australia Graduate - Desk with laptop, notebooks, pen, and highlighter

9.00 AM

Meeting: US Testing Status.

A phase of the testing process is called User Acceptance Testing (UAT). The testing period usually lasts a week and, for that week, I have a daily call with the testers across all regions to check on the status of their testing.

9.30 AM

Time for coffee number two (and with a view!).

Capgemini Australia Graduate - Cup of coffee and a outside view from a window

9.45 AM 

On the way back to my desk I make sure to take advantage of the cereal and nut bar the client has on offer. 

Capgemini Australia Graduate - Counter top with cereal jars and nut bar.

10.00 AM 

I’m back at my desk and I need to make my way through some more emails. I see a few emails regarding testing that has passed so I make sure to update my testing tracker with the results. 

11.00 AM 

I respond to most emails however, for the more technical questions I’ll need to seek some help. Fortunately, I have a lot of very friendly Capgemini colleagues on site to assist me.

12.00 PM

Time for a breather. I’ll take a moment to have a chat with my fellow graduates. Sometimes I like to use this time to take a stroll outside or work on tasks such as the Capgemini social innovators graduate challenge; assist with any internal event planning; or, study for certifications.

Capgemini Australia Graduate - Young female professional catching up with two fellow graduates.

1.30 PM

Meeting: Australia and Asia Testing Status.

This tends to be the largest meeting of the day so I’ve brought along my manager who jumps in whenever there’s something I’m unsure of.

2.30 PM 

Meeting: Overall Testing Status.

This meeting is with the client’s release manager who wants an update on how testing is tracking across all regions.

3.00 PM

Time to grab some fresh air... But wait! It’s International Women’s Day today and to celebrate the client has organised free ice-cream for everyone!

Capgemini Australia Graduate - Ben & Jerry Ice cream

4.00 PM

I’ll spend a bit of time with my manager to talk through any questions I still have outstanding.

Capgemini Australia Graduate - Young female professional discussing with his manager.

5.30 PM

Time to pack up and head to the gym. Today I have booked a circuit class so I know I’ve got a hard workout coming my way. 

7.00 PM

I just arrived back home and there doesn’t seem to be any food in the fridge.  Hmm I think a burrito delivered to my door will have to be on the agenda this evening courtesy of UberEats.

8.00 PM

Meeting: UK Testing Status. 

8.30 PM

Phew, all done for the day. Time to put my feet up, switch on the TV and relax.

9.30 PM

I still need to finish chores because unfortunately, my apartment doesn’t seem to clean itself. 

10.00 PM

Wow, what a day. Time to get some sleep so I can do it all again tomorrow.